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Microblading is the hot new technique that creates perfect eyebrows that last up to 18 months. It is essentially semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing done completely by hand for ultimate control. Tiny needles are used to implant organic, plant-based pigment underneath the surface of the skin. This manual method allows the professional to choose where each individual stroke will go, resulting in the ideal brow for each person.

The service is mildly invasive, and a light numbing agent is used as an aid. The cost includes both the initial service and the 3-4 week touch-up. On average, most clients do not need another refresh appointment on their brows for 9-18 months. This all depends on the clients skin, product used, sun exposure, aftercare and skin conditions.

$450 (includes 4 week touch-up)

Our microblading expert is certified in 3D Microblading and Brow Stroking from Perfect Eyebrows 3D Microblading in San Francisco, CA.

We offer completely free consultations by appointment.